For the third year running, Warminster School invited pupils from Year 5 to take part in the event “Languages Fun at Warminster!” With about 60 pupils from Salisbury Cathedral School, Springmead School and Warminster Prep, it was another highly successful day.

Supported by Warminster School’s Year 9 pupils, our visitors took part in a range of activities with the aim of dealing with languages in an inspiring and fun way. On arrival, before entering Thomas Arnold Hall they were presented with their very own “Language Passport” and then listened to a presentation about languages by a group of Sixth Form pupils. They highlighted the numerous reasons why it is important to learn foreign languages, including boosting your brain power. In the meantime two Sixth Form photography pupils were busy printing the passport pictures of our visitors that had been taken upon arrival.

During the day, groups of Year 5 pupils, assisted by their “buddies” from Year 9, took part in a French treasure hunt and had the opportunity to create foreign language music videos. They only had a short time to record their videos, but the standard was excellent. Some of the Year 9 pupils were particularly praised and therefore awarded a certificate for excellent leadership.

The day ended with a showcase of all the music videos. The singing in both French and Spanish, as well as the creativity of the performances, was impressive. Our judges, Head Girl, Abbie Cadwallader and Head Boy, Xander Veitch. Spanish native speaker and wife of our Head of Maths, Lizzy Hill, and Head of MFL, Mrs Rogers, had a tough decision to make!

Miss Mugridge, the main organiser of the event, was very pleased with the day and said ”We hope all pupils have had a great day and have left us full of enthusiasm for learning languages.”

Barbara Mitterrutzner, German Teacher