Like everyone within the School community, we are missing our pupils, but as a boarding community, we are missing our full Houses ringing with voices and laughter. The HMs have been busy having regular catch-ups with our boarding pupils, both in the UK and internationally.

What are the Houses up to?

Mrs Crinion has been having a regular 8×8 meeting with the girls and she has written to all of them too, who doesn't enjoy receiving a letter in the post? She was, as you could imagine, thrilled when she received letters and cards back from the Ivy girls.

Mr and Mrs Mercer have been busy in the Old Vic, keeping in touch with roll calls and the very well-attended bedtime stories with Mrs Mercer. There has been great success with 8×8 board game sessions with Mr Oxenham. And last, but not least, a series of competitions in which the boys upload images or videos of the fun things they have found to do during lockdown.

In the Senior Houses, there have been many activities through 8×8. In Stratton, Mrs Berrisford has been hosting a regular quiz, with one happening on Wellbeing Wednesday. Please do see the Stratton Newsletter for more information.

Mr Miller, in St Denys, has also been having family gatherings these past few weeks and hosting house quizzes. It's been entertaining and interesting! Linus has won both quizzes, with Seb a close second. Mr Page and Ms Farley acquitted themselves well on behalf of staff. Mr Miller also enjoyed a 'house' BBQ at the start of term for the boys and challenged them to do the same at the weekend.

In St Boniface – Well done to the boys at the end of an interesting term packing and tidying their rooms so well. The fantastic domestic team were very appreciative. The term ended very abruptly, and we were pleased to hear you all got home safely.  St. Boniface is missing the energy of the boys in the House in these strange times. We hope you are all well and safe where ever you are.

There is a regular 8×8 online meeting each week. This is a great opportunity for everyone to catch up with each other. Please do try and join us even just to say hello. The new prefects and Head of House will be announced soon. We are looking at some additional training for this important team.

The House looks forward to inviting our Year 11 & 13 back for a proper send off. This is when the infamous awards can be given out, plus the more serious ones. Watch this space so you can add this to your busy diaries. Planning for the winter term socials are moving along well. We would like your input on these.

In the next few weeks will be doing some live 8×8 tours of the House for our new Year 10 boys joining St. Boniface. This is going to be a new and novel way of doing it. The new members of the House will be able to ask questions. We will be inviting some of the current Boni Boys to answer questions from a pupils’ perspective as well.

The lawns outside are looking great with the lovely weather we have having, Mr Whyte (Head groundsman) and believe it or not, Mr Watts has been cutting the lawns and pitches. There is a temporary golf course that the staff are using safely. Archie Snell’s handicap is dropping rapidly, one to watch in the future!

Mrs Evans’ allotment is looking amazing. Mr Snell has been able to get out on his bike. Mr Evans has started 1:1 hockey again on the astro. Mrs Snell is busy in Admissions helping to recruit new boys to the House and School. Willar is now walking really well, and finally Narla is loving this weather, but does miss you.

Finally, congratulations to Ander being appointed a School prefect, we are very proud of him, well done. Stay well and safe and look forward to everyone getting together soon!


As I said, we are missing our Boarding Coummunity and your HMs will continue to host 8×8 meetings, events and competitions. Please do join in and as always follow your Houses on Twitter.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Sarah Shanks​, Assistant Head (Boarding and Pastoral Care)