Rewarding our boarders

With so many of our girls going above and beyond what is expected of them in their contribution towards life in the boarding house, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to revise our reward system. We find older girls helping the younger ones with their reading and prep, younger ones helping to tidy up and most heart-warming of all is the emotional support displayed across the year groups. Ivy House has always fostered a sisterhood and this is no exception for our current residents.

We were really keen to instigate something a little more unusual which reflected the family, caring ethos which is ever present in Ivy House.  After much fun googling ideas and sharing different approaches with fellow boarding houses, our prefects came up with a wonderfully personal reward system, which once you see it, we feel it won’t come as any surprise that it has been a huge success!

  • 5 stickers earns a doughnut
  • 10 stickers a framed photo of a special moment that that girl cherishes from her time here
  • 15 stickers a pizza and movie night for the recipient and their year group
  • 20 stickers a golden ticket for one of their day pupil friends to sleep over   

The girls are fully invested and we are greeted most mornings with the running doughnut sticker total, especially when a milestone number is reached! 

Sophie Saunders, Matron