She expected a night out at Bishopstrow House Hotel for her retirement dinner, but instead, she walked in on a rather big surprise!

The Stratton Prefects did a sterling job of organising a secret black tie dinner for their Housemistress, Janine Knapman. Mr Knapman also had the job of keeping the top-secret evening hush-hush for weeks and was able to get Mrs Knapman (in a new sparkling blue dress) to her surprise leaving dinner on time and looking perfect.

The Prefects did a wonderful job of arranging the evening from venue to guest list. The venue, Boniface Hall, looked perfect. Surrounded by Prefects, Old Verlucians, colleagues and friends she enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Alex Rall, and listened to poems, jokes and watched video messages from the Stratton girls. It was clear to see how highly thought of she is to all the Stratton girls, both past and present.

Janine said of the evening, “It truly was a lovely evening. The Prefects were so thoughtful for arranging this – they did a smashing job. I thought I was going to Bishopstrow for dinner, but this was much better! I felt I was surrounded by supportive friends and colleagues.”

Janine is retiring following 11 years as Housemistress of Stratton.  Janine is looking forward to more time with her grandchildren, cooking and of course, spending more time with Geoff (Mr Knapman).

We wish her the very best for her retirement and before she heads off into that 'retirement sunset' we thought now would be a good opportunity to shine the Spotlight on her.