As the School year concludes, the final production falls to the Prep School who last week performed a new musical – ‘Paws and Claws’.  The Year 5 and 6 children brought together two tribes of Dogs and Cats, who are always fighting. Will the two ever find peace and get on?

The audience arrived to find themselves seated at the back of a bakery where the cats believe it is their turn to enjoy the bakery leftovers. However the dogs are intent on spoiling the party and lead the cats on a goose chase. Jack (Charlie Loudon) remains to collect the dogs’ winnings and meets Melody (Millie Watts), a Burmese cat. A new friendship is born.  Both performed a number of solos and showed us how difficult it is for animals (or people) from different places to become friends and overcome prejudice and preconceptions.

Melody’s friends (Ellie Gurung, Darcy Hunter, Maisie Slack, Ava Dempsey and Niamh Crinion) are initially unaware that her new found friendship is with a dog so, during a grooming session, tell her simply to ‘Play it Cool’. This was an 80s inspired song where all the girls enjoyed solos and encouraged Melody. This is until news that Jack has been put in the pound arrives and they realise that Jack is in fact a dog. Melody is immediately ostracised by a number of her friends.

Life for Jack and Sherlock (Sam Evans) in the pound, and the two cats also caught – Diesel (Will Sharpe) and Smokey (Aaron Hale), is not easy. No-one has ever escaped the pound before. Or have they? Indeed Jack realises that the only way to escape is to be as charming and as cute as possible.

He manages to return and persuade both the cats and dogs that their feud must end, friendship is better than foe. All that is except Fury (Sully Mills) who finds himself left alone with bitterness and hatred for all dogs. Sully played a wonderful villain, convincing right until the end.

The audience loved the play, bringing the house down in all 3 performances. A highlight was certainly the humour of the play, especially the poopascooper which was found located beneath Mr Mortimer’s seat!

A special mention has to go to all of Year 6 and the staff team (led by Natalie Clarke and Rebecca Glenny) who produced wonderful staging and props, bringing the play and baked goods to life. The cast were ably led by the musical director Steph Collishaw and producer Rebecca Glenny.

Paws and Claws was certainly a hit, showing that feuds are unnecessary and a little understanding goes a long way.

Stephanie Sheppard, Head of Prep English