On Saturday 14th October, the International Students’ Society hosted their annual Welcome Dinner in the Thomas Arnold Hall. Again the event was well attended with over 80 pupils from all corners of the globe.

At the dinner, there was delicious food from around the world and a wonderful selection of desserts brought to the tables. To end the evening, there was a well-enjoyed disco, DJ-ed by one of the international pupils, Ming Cheung.

The International Students’ Society was set up to ensure that the international pupils felt supported when at Warminster School, especially when new international pupils arrive at the School. The tables at the dinner were made up of a mixture of pupils from different countries, with different cultures and of different ages. This was to ensure that new friends were made and the pupils were given an opportunity to find out a bit more about their peers using the question cues on the table.

Chris Lewis, Director of Studies at Bishopstrow College, was our guest and he gave a very interesting and engaging talk about what lessons our international pupils could learn from his one year old son! It was very entertaining and the audience participation was great.

The night was enjoyed by all who attended and big thanks must go to Mrs Sustek and the ISS committee made up of Greta Lanni, CJ Kaunda, Camillo Seiller-Tarbuk, Ben Wong, Lucia Soria Gonzalez and Joseph Wamalwa for their hard work in organising such a wonderful event.

Mrs Shanks, Head of EAL