International Students’ Society Welcome Dinner

On 13 October, the International Students’ Society (ISS) hosted their annual Welcome Dinner for new and returning international pupils at Warminster School. There was a fantastic turnout, with approximately 120 smartly dressed guests, ranging from Year 4 to Year 13.

The evening was compèred by the ISS committee with a welcoming speech. Mrs Rogers, Head of MFL, gave the main evening speech about her time spent living in a new country and learning a new language. It mirrored the experiences of our current international pupils and gave them the reassurance that they are not alone.

The food served was based on an international theme, with a mediterranean starter; noodles, paella and curry for the main and a delicious dessert of profiteroles and ice-cream. A big thanks must go out to the catering team for such a wonderful spread. Resident DJ Mr Robertson, very kindly provided the after dinner disco and dancing, which was greatly received by both pupils and teachers alike.

The success of the evening showed the passion of our international pupils and their desire to be part of something great. It was clear to see the confidence of our international pupils in the running of the evening and in hosting their tables. The evening would not have been possible without the hard-work, organisation and support of the ISS committee, Nastya Kulachenkova, Layla Lanni, Marco Yeung, Greta Lanni, Leslie Lee and Kinson Hui and of course Mrs Sustek.

Thank you all for a very lovely evening!

Mrs Shanks, Head of EAL