Inspire, inform and enthuse

Inspire, inform and enthuse

Warminster School launched the new Mentoring Programme this week to a packed Thomas Arnold Hall with the idea to inspire, inform and enthuse pupils.

Young people require ever more information, advice and guidance in order to make informed decisions and the earlier this can be provided, the better. The reality today is that young people need to be even more adaptable, flexible, self-reliant and resourceful and the world of work places a high premium on effective enterprise and career management skills. Changes to the labour market and the economic landscape over the coming decades will mean that young people will face even more choices and opportunities, thus increasing the need for them to be effective career planners.

The evening was organised by Head of Careers Terri Wilcox and chaired by parent John Winchcombe. It represented the culmination of a series of brainstorming events and workshops with parents and pupils.

Alistair Creamer of Eyes Wide Open; Nick Blofield, latterly the CEO of Bath Rugby; Quentin Howard, Director of Television & Technology at SSVC; plus two former pupils, Tzuki Stewart (2008) and Ella Cumber (2012), gave inspiring talks about their past experiences and shared valuable advice with the audience.

Headmaster Mark Mortimer summed up the evening:

Last night was a quite inspirational and invigorating evening. The range of speakers, in terms of age, perspective, opinions and experience was fascinating, as was their advice and guidance for the audience. I found it hugely motivating and I know the pupils present did too, as illustrated by the number and thoughtfulness of the many questions during the panel's Q & A session. It was particularly pleasurable to welcome back to the School two relatively recent former pupils, Ella Cumber and Tzuki Stewart.

For me, one of the key messages that emerged was the importance of resilience, perseverance, bounce-back-ability and being able to communicate effectively with all sorts of people. Similarly, the need to reflect on one’s strengths, values, passions and motivations to try and identify possible careers.

Finally, the speakers reiterated Lord Carey's recent message to the School about the benefits of failure, specifically about reacting to, and learning from, setbacks and obstacles. Learn from every experience, both good and bad.

All in all, it was a great way to launch the Mentoring Programme.