We were privileged to welcome and host Stuart Hooper, captain of Bath Rugby, on Tuesday evening.

Stuart, as Bath’s longest serving captain in their 150-year history, is in a strong position to lecture on the requirements of a successful leader and the senior boys’ rugby players were fortunate to hear his eloquent and detailed analysis of the importance of effective leadership.

Boniface Hall was immaculately presented for a wonderful three-course dinner and we were entertained by an amusing and thoughtful summary of the 1st XV season from their Captain, Ben Higgens. Ben made special mention of the coaches, Mr Crinion and Mr Jennings and thanked them for their hard work throughout a tough season. He also highlighted some of the more comical moments of the season and his rugby career at Warminster, from his Year 4 undefeated season to representing the 1st XV with his older brother Robert, when in Year 11.  Ben commented, “It was a fantastic experience to host such an experienced rugby icon. It was a real privilege listening to his inspiring and honest words about the realities of professional sport and the importance placed on leaders as opposed to captains. This will be one of the highlights of my time at Warminster. It's a memory that will stay will me for a long time, a real honour.”

The evening ended with Stuart’s detailed and passionate lecture on the importance of leadership. Whilst many of his experiences have come from the rugby field, it was clear that Stuart’s points were highly relevant in all aspects of life. Stuart emphasied the importance of ensuring leaders model acceptable behavior in all aspects of their life, as people are always watching and looking to follow.

Tom Morison, Head of Rugby at Warminster School, commented, “We are fortunate that many of our younger athletes are able to look up to some great role models at Warminster. We hope to continue to build upon our strong relationship with Bath Rugby and look forward to visiting a training session in the near future.”

Stuart ended with a quote, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”  It was clear that Stuart’s actions had achieved this and inspired those fortunate enough to witness his address.