Hockey tour to Holland

Hockey tour to Holland

This has been the best few days of my school career and the tour has been seamless!

This was how one Warminster pupil summed up the highly successful hockey tour to Valkenburg in south east Holland over this last half-term.  The squad made up of Under 14s – Under 16s, stayed in a hotel in Valkenburg and travelled out each day to play against local clubs in the area. 

The tour lasted seven days with a format of training in the morning, activities and sightseeing in the afternoon and matches in the evening.

Entertainments included a visit to the famous football stadium of Eindhoven, Laser Quest in man-made World War II ‘caves’ used as air raid shelters, and a day at Disneyland Paris.

And what of the hockey?  Below are the results of the matches in the order they were played with a brief mention of outstanding players.  Suffice it to say that, facing very mixed levels of opposition, the Warminster teams played with great dedication, energy and sportsmanship; we are proud that our young players were gracious in victory and fought with determination in the face of defeat.

Under 16 Boys

HC Horst Lost 2-5

Goal Scorers – Oli Morgan, Ed West

Player of the Match – Hamish Leslie

Best Effort – Oli Morgan

HC Heezes Won 8-1

Goal Scorers – Jack Vincent x 4, Hamish Leslie x 2, Ed West, Josh Haines

Player of the Match – Jack Vincent

Best Effort – Alex Thake

Blerick Won 7-0

Goal Scorers – Jack Vincent x 6, Ed West

Player of the Match – Hamish Leslie

Best Effort – Max Trusler

HC Nova Won 18-1

Goal Scorers – Ed West, Johnny Lucey, Hamish Leslie, Josh Haines, Oli Morgan, Charlie Tippetts, Jack Vincent

Player of the Match – Ed West

Best Effort – Jack Vincent

Under 16 Girls

HC Horst Drew 2-2

Goal Scorer – Caitlin Maclean x 2

Player of the Match – Tallulah Cope

Best Effort – Ellie Clarke

HC Nuth Won 3-2

Goal Scorers – Caitlin Maclean x 2, Ellie Dent

Player of the Match – Ellie Taylor

Best Effort – Maisie Fogg

HC Scoop Lost 1-3

Goal Scorer – Caitlin Maclean

Player of the Match – Ellie Taylor

Best Effort – Lizzie Mayo

HC Nova Won 12-0

Player of the Match – Emma Tizard

Best Effort – Ellie Dent

Under 14 Boys

HC Horst Won 6-0

Player of the Match – Mark Antrobus

Best Effort – David Aspray

HC Taxandria Won 6-1

Player of the Match – Ben Wallis

Best Effort – Alexander Halls

HC Oirschot Won 10-0

Player of the Match – Alfie Dackombe

Best Effort – Joe Sargent

HC Scoop Won 8-0

Player of the Match – Robbie Maclean

Best Effort – Felix Sheves

Under 14 Girls

HC Horst Lost 0-7

Player of the Match – Bea McIntosh

Best Effort – Lydia Kington

HC Heezes Lost 1-7

Goal Scorer – Hattie Dunn

Player of the Match – Hattie Dunn

Best Effort – Jade Hartley

HC Oirschot Won 4-1

Goal Scorers – Rebecca Hassan, Abbey Cadwallader, Kira Albiston

Player of the Match – Lydia Kington

Best Effort – Mabel Taylor

Blerick Won 8-0

Goal Scorers – Natalie Veacock, Abbey Cadwallader, Jade Hartley, Rebecca Hassan, Kira Albiston, Rose Vickery, Emily Cooke, Hattie Dunn

Player of the Match – Kira Albiston

Best Effort – Millie Dyke

Thanks to Chris Knight who organised and led the Hockey Tour and to the other staff who came with us: Jeremy Evans, Malcolm Miller, Tracy Knight, Erin Gough and Chelsea Stanford.

Mrs Lorna Wood