Merry Christmas from Arnold, Denys, Finch and Ken!

Never has a sense of belonging been more important at Warminster – with so many virtual activities this term, our new House system adding Finch to our infamous trio, has provided all our pupils with wider opportunities to get involved, be heard and be seen.

For our new House Finch, it’s been a rollercoaster of a term.  Head of House, Mr Hill has been delighted at their speedy formation, “I am so proud of my Finchies!”  he smiled, “We have experienced so much success in House events this term including a steady stream of merits.  There is no doubt that Finch has made its mark. I’m so impressed with how innovative my pupils have been to ensure we all stay connected – including an Instagram Live assembly each week.  We are all looking forward to next term and greater things yet.”

Members of Denys House this term have been focused on their new Head, Mrs Yates, building her team – from tutors to prefects – they have all worked tirelessly to provide the very best, both academically and pastorally for all their House members. “It’s not only the pupils who are encouraged to rise to the challenge – every member of staff shares the same approach”, comments Mrs Yates.  “I’m so proud to have been given this esteemed role – it’s exciting to be able to be able to enable our pupils to make such a difference to School life.”

Super Saturdays have been particularly popular with Arnold. Mr Bonnell, Head of House, forever an avid touchline supporter, greatly enjoyed the sporting events.  “Watching our pupils enjoy the space around them and gain so much enjoyment from taking part was fantastic to see. In addition, I’ve been so proud to have handed out an outstanding number of Commendations – to witness our young pupils exerting so much effort and energy into daily school activities whilst coping with guidelines and restrictions is truly heroic.”

Ken hit the ground running this term with Mrs Jukes, Head of House, together with her staff and prefects, introducing a number of new initiatives. “Every fortnight it has given me the greatest pleasure to see the excitement generated by the nominees for ‘The Update’ and ‘The Spotlight’ – not least our ‘Super Seven’!” shared Mrs Jukes.  “The pride in our House is an inspiration and visible across all the year groups with pupils driven to earn merits for Ken.”

We are all excited to hear about the successes of our pupils as our new House system steps confidently into 2021 – Merry Christmas!