Year 8 pupil, Bobby Webb, has an interesting activity that he enjoys outside of school – classic motorcycle trials. At only 13 years old, he competes against adults on a full size motorcycle.

Over the Easter weekend he is competing for the first time in the Exmoor Two Day Trial. He will be the youngest rider in this gruelling event and he is hoping the streams are not too flooded!  The Competition will consist of around 120 riders from all over the UK. The first day the competition is held in a forest, recently adapted from a tree plantation, day 2, has steep sided streams full of loose boulders, quite a challenge as many are out of sight and below the water. Last years scores varied from 6 points to around 80 over the two days, a score close to zero is what the riders are looking for.

Motorcycle trials, also known as observed trials, is a non-speed event on specialised motorcycles. The sport is most popular in the United Kingdom and Spain, though there are participants around the globe. Motorcycle trials are often used by competitors in other motorcycle sports (such as motocross or road racers) as a way to cross-train, as trials requires fine throttle, balance, and machine control. The event is split into sections where a competitor rides through an obstacle course while attempting to avoid touching the ground with the feet. Routes are carefully fixed to test the skill of the rider. It is all about careful riding and skill, rather than speed.

Bobby obviously has a natural flair for the sport and is coached on occasion by Mick Andrews, an English former international motorcycle trials rider and FIM European Trials Champion in the 1970s and five times winner of the Scottish Six Days Trial. 

Best of luck Bobby!