It was “back to their roots” for the girls in Stratton House on their first weekend back at Warminster, when they went on their bonding trip to our Forest School on the Longleat Estate.

We took that theme literally and rather than taking minibuses or coaches we walked out to our destination through the beautiful English countryside. The first challenge was putting the tents up and when they first came out of their bag, one or two girls looked a little bit shell-shocked when it dawned on them that we would ACTUALLY sleep in them overnight! However, everybody tried their best with putting the tents up and simply gave the whole thing a go which I was very impressed by.

THE best chef, Mr Rall and his team, had prepared a BBQ for us all, so luckily for us, it wasn’t quite “back to their roots” with the cooking! Sitting around the campfire, keeping the fire going, eating smores and singing campfire songs was a special bonding experience and these memories will stay with us all forever.

Big 'thank yous' go to Mr Rall for the food, Mr Holt for welcoming us to the Forest School, Mr Crinion for his impromptu help on Sunday morning and Mrs Daines and Miss Weeks for their help with organising and accompanying the trip.

Miss Mitterrutzner, Stratton Housemistress