It’s gloves ON in the Drama Department!

Our drama pupils are practising their best left hooks for their up and coming production of Beautiful Burnout!

Approach the School House Drama Department with caution over the coming weeks as the cast are throwing themselves into preparations for their new production with full vigour.  ‘Beautiful Burnout’ tells the story of Cam Burns, a young woman determined to find her place in life. A natural at boxing, the sport inspires Cam to fight for her club, her dad and above all her place in the world.  She finds herself at one with the one of the most controversial sports of our time, drawn by the violence, the ritual and the grace.  Fighting and training alongside four other youngsters, the fearless group aim for the bright lights far from the grey, mean streets of London.

“This is a truly exciting and challenging production to be working on with our pupils.  The cast are having to reach far beyond their comfort zones and work hard on stepping into the mind-set of a boxer,” explains Miss Hunter, “We are enjoying invigorating boxing sessions with Mr Holt, our Head of Outdoor Pursuits who has taken up the baton of boxing trainer for the duration of rehearsals.  For the production itself, we will be transforming the drama studio space into a boxing gym and from the moment our audience step across the threshold they will be immersed into a rough East End gym.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to stretch themselves both mentally and physically.”

With performances on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March, tickets will be available soon.  This heart-wrenching and deeply human story is one not to be missed.