French Cluedo

French Cluedo

Last term Year 8 French Set 1 were busy designing and making their own French board games. Taking the game Cluedo as a starting point, they created their own French versions, using a range of French vocabulary along the way. Charles Kidner said “I really enjoyed making and playing the board game because we learnt how to say all the weapons and characters in French.”

Just before Easter, the Year 8 pupils finally had the opportunity to put their games to the test when an excited group of Year 5 pupils from the Prep School arrived for a French games morning. The Year 8 pupils carefully explained the game and shouts of “c’est ton tour!” filled the room as all the pupils put their French into great use. All the pupils improved their confidence speaking in French throughout the morning.

The Year 8 pupils should be congratulated for their efforts making their games, and thanked for the efforts to help the Prep School pupils. The winning group made up of Ben Pearson, Lexie Drake, Archie Wilkins and Alice Robinson should be especially congratulated for their creative board game. Izzy Robinson, Charlie Whelan, Mathias Folkesson and Salome Rotanavunivasa were also fantastically helpful in helping the Year 5 pupils play the game using as much French as possible. The Year 5 winners of each board game, as well as other pupils who made a big effort to speak in French, earnt a chocolate Easter bunny for all their hard work.

All the Year 5 and Year 8 pupils had a fantastic morning playing together, and it was lovely to see the Senior pupils supporting the learning of their younger peers. To sum up the morning, Charlie Whelan said the morning was “the best French activity ever!”

Madame Moore and I look forward to further joint language projects in the future.

Miss Georgia Mugridge
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages