When you arrive in assembly to be greeted by a big green giant and Tabby McTat you know that it must be that time of year again: World Book Day! 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the big green giant was greeted by a cast of characters from the wonderful world of children’s literature ranging from traditional characters such as Red Riding Hood  to modern classics including Willy Wonka  and Stickman.   After a marvellous parade of the children’s costumes the children and parents were treated to a selection of extracts from their teachers’ favourite books. 

Reading partners is always a highlight of the week but seeing a giant lizard sharing a book with a mini Captain Hook made it all the more special.  Books were celebrated in all areas of the curriculum across the School.  Year 5 and 6 both enjoyed applying their Maths and reading skills by reading and discovering how to solve crimes, design skyscrapers, launch rockets and fly jet fighter planes.  Meanwhile, Year 1 and Year 3 were working together in the library to solve a scavenger hunt by locating various items in books.  In French, the pupils discovered French versions of their favourite children books and fairy tales. They designed a French book cover and wrote a little book review. Some of them also enjoyed doing some research on famous French authors.  In Science they were sharing the story of the apple falling on Isaac Newton’s head providing the foundation for the three laws of motion.

Reading is at the heart of learning and we are a book loving school.  It is fantastic to celebrate the love we share for books – teachers and children alike.  We are very grateful to Mrs Finnigan for co-ordinating the day and for looking fetching dressed up as a big green giant.

Mrs Glenny, Year 6 Tutor/Head of Prep Maths