Warminster staff pushed pupils to a nail-biting finish in a staff vs pupils cricket match.

Ross Melia, Upper Sixth, gives us the lowdown from the pupil perspective.

“Another year, another game and another win for the pupils. This time the teachers were truly taught a harsh lesson. 

Warminster 1st XI cricket took on the staff in the annual staff versus pupils match. Mr Clarke ventured out of his office, Mr Titley made the “long journey” across from Prep and Mr ‘Fine Legs’ Phillips even took a break from colouring maps in Geography for this prestigious event. Each party looking for the desired win and of course bragging rights around School. I hope that for them, they performed better earlier in the morning during Open Morning, than they did in the cricket match. 

I don't think the phrase 'take your own advice' could be any truer for Mr Miller. Mr Miller talks a very good game and taught quite a few of us how to play, yet he was unable to put his own words of wisdom into practice, lasting less than two over, after conceding a clean LBW dismissal.

Then there is Mr Morrison, who obviously missed the memo that the game was T20, and not a five-day test match.

The boys breezed to a comfortable win, easily meeting the required score – and of course earning bragging rights. If winning comfortably wasn't bad enough, it must be made clear that one of the boys was only Year 9. That must make Bryce Furlong about 4 times younger than the average staff age!

On a serious note, it was a brilliant way to end Open Morning. Enjoyed by everyone who played and spectated, I wish the team the best of luck next year.”

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