Click here to Watch WSPA Fireworks

Fabulous fireworks, glow products for all ages and a warm spiced Pimms – yes, it’s the WSPA fireworks extravaganza.

Last Friday was the annual WSPA Fireworks extravaganza. Sadly, the event was cancelled last year due to the inclement weather but this year it was back with a bang or two! I have volunteered at the fireworks for years and I have to say that this year’s fireworks were truly stunning, simply the best.

The WSPA laid on a really wonderful event. With games, glow products, burgers and the wonderful mulled wine there was something for everyone. The sound of “ooh’s and ahh’s” was almost as loud as the fireworks and the cheers and round of applause was testament to how good a show it was. Jon Edkins was there to capture all the action on camera – Firework photographs

Thanks to the WSPA for all their hard work and to our maintenance and catering departments for their unstinting support. We can now look forward to the Mistletoe Ball which is taking place on Saturday 7th December 7.00 pm. Contact [email protected] to enquire or book.

Stella Aldridge, Deputy Head of Development & Alumni