This term, Year 5 and 6 have been immersed in the enchanted world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter. What better way to bring the unit to life than escape the muggle world and visit Harry Potter Studios?

The children had a wonderful day and continue to be inspired by the wonder and awe they experienced on the tour. Every child came away enthused by the experience and here are just a few of their reactions:

“It was huge and when we walked through the door it took my breath away.” Kathryn Browne, Year 6

“I really enjoyed the journey on Hogwarts Express… suddenly a Dementor popped up. I was so scared!” Alex Forsyth, Year 6

“The forbidden forest was one of my favourite rooms due to the dim lights, the smoke and of course: the spiders!” Grace Muir, Year 6

“I particularly liked the green screen for riding brooms and finding out how they made Hagrid look so big.” Ben Salmon, Year 6

“One of my favourite parts was the projection of an Ukranian Iron Belly dragon demolishing Gringotts Bank; it was terrifyingly realistic!” Molly Westbrook, Year 6

“It was magical… the highlight of Year 6 so far. Warner Bros. Studios have made me see the Harry Potter Films in a whole new way.” Kate Mills, Year 6

“I absolutely loved our trip to Harry Potter Studios it was a once in a lifetime experience… I hope to work in the film industry with CGI and special effects one day – it inspired me even further.” Magne Pederson-Kjoelner, Year 6.

It is clear back at school the children’s learning has been enriched by the experience of visiting the world-famous authentic sets of one of the most successful film series of all time. This stimulating visit exposed the children to the extraordinary artistry, technology and talent that went into creating the Harry Potter film series.

Their engagement in the classroom has been testament to the success of the trip. They have been exploring and experimenting with the authorial techniques used by J. K. Rowling to create her vivid characters and magical world; are using the power of persuasion to convince the Sorting Hat to place them in their chosen house and will be writing spells and magical instructions. In their drama lessons they will be recreating Diagon Alley using physical theatre and split scenes, and devising their own performances inspired by the text.

We are grateful to Debbie Muir, Head of Prep English for organising this tremendous experience for our Year 5 and 6 children. We now look forward to exploring the world further at our forthcoming Harry Potter Book Night.

Rebecca Glenny​, Head of Prep Maths