Key events in the MFL calendar are our language exchanges which are organised by our very own Mrs Rodriguez – after having been to Cognac in October, Year 10 welcomed their French friends back to Warminster from 16th to 22nd March to experience British lifestyle and show them Warminster School. We were very lucky again that parents and Boarding Houses agreed to host our French visitors and make their stay in a foreign country truly unforgettable. In addition, a few of the pupils and their teachers stayed in Northdown for the week.

The friendships that were made in October were quickly renewed and, after a bit of nervousness at first, everyone soon felt comfortable. As part of the joint DT project on bridges, the French pupils and their exchange partners travelled to Bristol to visit “Brunel’s Other Bridge” and many other sights.

At the weekend, pupils were kept busy with various activities – some families planned fantastic day trips, many pupils went to see Cabaret on Friday night or enjoyed the excited hassle backstage with their partners and there was even a pampering session – facemasks included – going on in Ivy House.

As always, it was particularly exciting for our French visitors to see what a day at an English boarding school looks like. Many teachers welcomed a few extra pupils into their lessons and we even saw Sixth Form pupils Maisie Fogg and Abbie Cadwallader stepping out of their comfort zone and giving a fun lesson on English idioms and colloquialisms that was enjoyed by all!

Head of MFL, Mrs Rogers, said about the exchange: “It has been brilliant to welcome our friends from Cognac again this week – our Year 10 pupils have been great hosts and the French pupils have really enjoyed their stay. I know some of the Year 9 pupils are already looking forward to the opportunity to visit and then welcome their French partners next year”