Warminster School and Dr Smart Money have teamed up for a new exciting financial literacy programme.

Dr Smart Money is an Oxford University Innovation Incubator Centre project founded by Harry Hakuei Kosato. It is a social enterprise aiming to bring financial education to 1 million children. They are planning to release their first financial literacy tool kit to use at home this year, which will be available for parents and children aged 6 to 12.

The year-long project is part of Warminster Schools’ EDGE program which was launched this September. The EDGE Programme is about teaching pupils from Year 9 and up, basic life skills and readying them for the world beyond school. The new initiative includes different sessions of life skills such as netiquette, housecraft, culinary, and First Aid. Dr Smart Money plays a role in joining the EDGE Programme bringing financial literacy sessions to pupils.

Year 10 pupil Niamh, commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I benefited from the mind-set talk the most. I found it beneficial, not just about money but about other things to do with school, sport and the person I want to become. I learnt more about money and how we should save, earn, spend, donate and invest.”

Kat Maclaren, Design Technology Teacher at Warminster agrees, “The Dr SmartMoney programme offers a different perspective learning about money, which pupils readily engage with during their EDGE sessions. The tutorials draw on people's real life experiences as well as allowing pupils to consider their own future with money. I have learned new things too!”

The Dr Smart Money financial literacy sessions introduce pupils to the concept of money and finance and how to start thinking about their future. It also entails different guest speakers talking about their own “money story”, which allows a real-life insight on how people work with their personal finances. It really helps pupils to think about starting their own ‘money journey’ early.

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