Keeping our pupils’ personal development at the forefront of our virtual academic offering is number one on Mrs Rogers’ lockdown list!

Whilst speaking at various school events in recent years I have emphasised the need for us to prepare our pupils for a rapidly changing world; the need for us to ensure that our pupils are adaptable, resilient and flexible faced with an accelerating rate of technological, societal and economic change; faced with these changes, creativity, imagination and inherently human attributes will be crucial.

Over the first half of this virtual Summer Term it has been heartening to witness pupils of all ages embracing new challenges. Ensuring our pupils continue to receive a broad range of co-curricular opportunities, albeit remotely, was and will continue to be of the utmost importance during these uncertain times.  It is vital that we continue to foster the all-round development of our pupils to ensure strong physical and mental health; to continue to nurture a sense of responsibility and confidence and to develop core skills and hidden talents.

In the attached link is an overview of the various activities that our co-curricular team are offering. Please do encourage your children to continue to get involved and to ask them to keep myself, their tutors and their co-curricular teachers updated on their progress.”

Nicola Rogers​, Assistant Head (Pupil Development)