Wednesday 20th September

It was the afternoon when, hard at work and really concentrating as only Year 2 can, we were disturbed by strange noises coming from somewhere in the classroom. It was almost as if someone or something was crying. Handwriting practice was abandoned as we all started to search, listening carefully and then following the strange sounds.

Finally, realising that the noise was coming from the cupboard at the back of the room, to our total amazement and delight we discovered a hungry, growly lion cub, a shivering baby penguin and a mischievous young gorilla all in need of looking after.

Immediately, Year 2 took over, leaving myself and Mrs Cadwallader as mere bystanders as boxes were turned into safe enclosures, bananas were drawn, coloured and put into feeding bowls, cardboard fish were fed to the baby penguin as it lay on its back and the lion cub was cuddled and loved, given a collar with her new name and fed meat. Every single Year 2 took it upon themselves to cater to the needs of these poor unfortunate creatures as best they knew how.

Tomorrow we are off to Bristol Zoo with a special mission to find out as much as we can about the gorillas, penguins and lions so that we can bring our new knowledge home to improve the care we have in place for our own young animals.

Thursday 21st September

Despite the drizzly weather today was a fantastic experience for Year 2 . The animals for our mission were out and about in their enclosures. We were able to gather lots of information to bring back to the classroom. However, the highlight of the day was down in the Aquarium with the seals and penguins.

As the children wandered down below water level and through the tunnels, the seals and penguins were very active, swimming past. However, the penguins and children were mutually curious and as the penguins swam down the children reached up the glass towards them. Their interest grew until dancing around and moving their hands over the glass the penguins were bobbing and swirling and twisting to follow their fingers.

It was a truly amazing sight to see Year 2 dancing with penguins.

Mrs Howerd, Year 2 Teacher