It has been a busy and productive start to the year here in the Art department.  This month we took part in The Big Draw, the world’s largest drawing festival with the goal of promoting visual literacy and art in education. It celebrates art by discovering new things, embracing happy accidents and of course drawing!  It’s an annual event that is held for the duration of October, involving pupils across the whole school during their daily art lessons.  This year’s theme ‘PLAY’ inspired pupils to do just that!  Working with circles and intricate patterns they created an exciting art installation that is currently on display in both the Prep and Senior School.

Art Club has gone from strength to strength this half of term and we have been impressed with the original concepts and creations that the pupils have produced.  This is a valuable opportunity for our pupils to relax in a creative environment and respond to themes created specifically for the club or focus on their own pieces in a wide variety of mediums.

You may have also noticed the stunning new 'Art Flags' on lampposts on the drive into school, a great showcasing arena that celebrates pupil art. We hope to add to this display next year.

With Christmas drawing closer, we received a number of excellent entries for the Headmaster’s Christmas Card Competition.  Thank you to everyone who entered such original and exciting pieces of work.  Congratulations to Poppy Raine, (Year 8), who won the competition and we look forward to seeing her concept in print.

Last term, Vera Carbin our own Learning Support Assistant and D of E expert, presented her artwork to pupils and staff during one of our Pop Up Creative Talks.  During this talk she showed us the two Minerva’s Owls which she painted as part of the Bath Sculpture Trail which ran during the summer.  We visited these wonderful pieces during the Owls Farewell Weekend and also took part in the Owls of Bath Auction.  This was a wonderful evening and we managed to bid successfully for 'Dr Tawny'.  We look forward to Dr Tawny arriving at school and taking pride of place, roosting on the lawn outside the Headmaster’s office. 

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Louisa Clayton, Head of Art