We were thrilled to launch our CCF’s first Tactical Recognition Flash (TRF) at the start of term. It is a smart patch worn on the sleeve of combat clothing to allow units to be easily recognisable and gives our CCF a sense of identity. The design has a green background, the colour associated with our affiliated regiment The RIFLES, and a red lion from Warminster School’s crest. Needles, cotton and patches were handed out during training; with the help of online videos and some assistance from parents and grandparents over the weekend, patches were sewn on uniforms and are now being worn with pride. 

Last year’s CCF was thwarted by storms, electrical problems affecting the simulated range and a flooded Forest School. With Covid-19 restrictions, adjustments were made to our training including ‘open order’ (social distancing) parades on the Thomas Arnold lawn and training outside as much as possible, even in the rain. It was fantastic to welcome back our seasoned cadets and to meet many new ones. We are also pleased to welcome Second Lieutenant Dominic Kirby to the CCF staff. In September, he joined Warminster School as a teacher of History and Politics and has a wealth of experience to share from service in The Royal Wessex Yeomanry and as an Adult Volunteer in his previous school.

Such a promising start to the year with our senior cadet, Colour Serjeant Matthew Hodgson and three Section Commanders, Rory Stocks, Bobby Webb and Harry Lomas, taking  ownership of training, working closely together to lead a keen and promising group of cadets. They are supported by our Lance Corporals and Corporals, many of whom were promoted using our 8×8 video conferencing platform before the Summer break in recognition of their skills, qualities, commitment and leadership.

Under the watchful eye of Matt Hodgson, our senior cadets took the lead during Exercise FIRST LOOK, a day’s training near Upton Lovell on Salisbury Plain. They organised cadets and delivered basic lessons to their Sections, including camouflage and concealment, administration in the field and patrolling, using a fun and interactive approach. A successful exercise getting everybody outside, working together and having fun – just what we needed!

Ange Garner​, Head of Learning Support, CCF Contingent Commander