Axe throwing, fire lighting and bug eating are just a few of the things our CCF get up to!

Storm Jorge wreaked havoc across the UK at the end of February and flooded Forest School. Sleeping in tents and cooking marshmallows over the campfire on the CCF Bushcraft weekend would just have to wait for another year.

Our up-and-coming senior cadets taught lessons on water purification and lighting fires, effectively applying lessons learnt during their Instructional Techniques course. Once again, we had lots of fun with laser tag battles, axe throwing, a sniper stalk and Trim Trail. Cadets got to sample some edible bugs whilst finding out about their nutritional value. I cannot erase the image of one cadet, who chose to swallow a handful of critters, removing bugs from their dental braces. Whilst sheltering from the storm, cadets worked together on a problem-solving activity, with groups briefing their solutions to everybody else in the Contingent. It was a pleasure to see members of this year’s cadet intake justifying their solution with confidence to our more seasoned cadets. Saturday night was sadly not spent sleeping under the stars. Instead cadets camped out inside the Sports Hall watching a war film and eating popcorn.

We continue to be grateful for support received from the wider Warminster School community. Nick McCormack (OV) kindly gave up his weekend and there was a welcome visit from Jake Case (OV14) and his brother Ollie (OV16). Must also thank Andrew from Yellow Balloon who spent time filming during our Bushcraft Weekend. Do have a look at the film. It really captures the essence of our CCF and the qualities of our cadets.

Ange Garner​, Teacher of Learning Support, CCF Contingent Commander