On Sunday 11th March Charlie Kennett and Max Carrington (Year 9) hit the tarmac and cycled to Wilton and back, for Cancer Research. The ride had been hampered by the arctic weather conditions the previous weekend, but this time, the weather was on their side.

The ride was organised for their Foundation Project Qualification and they chose the charity as both boys have relatives who have suffered from Cancer. The Foundation Project Qualification (FPQ) is the equivalent of a Level 1 GCSE. Pupils can complete a 1000 word report or they can create an artefact such as a magazine, a scientific investigation, an event or a product. The FPQ encourages pupils to use their learning experiences to support their personal aspirations for further study and career development.

The boys persuaded Mr Bonnell and Mr Rossiter to join them. Both keen cyclists, they were more than happy to ride the 40 miles with them.

Mr Bonnell commented, “The weather was with us miraculously! The group, Charlie, Max, Mr Kennett, Mr Rossiter and myself set off to Wilton at a good, but steady pace. The boys both cycled well and were good company, the group kept good spirits throughout the ride. Mrs Carrington gave us great support and when we arrived in Wilton, Mr Carrington was waiting for us with a fine selection of coffee, sandwiches and goodies. These were quickly consumed with gusto and then after a little persuasion, we set off on the return leg. Inevitably, it is actually all up hill on the way home, even if only slightly, one of the joys of cycling along a river valley. There were some issues with cramps on the way back, but both boys remained in high spirits and were determined to see the ride through to the end. The boys did really well to complete the ride, both enjoyed it and showed great strength of character. Well done both on the ride and the money they raised for a very worthy charity.”

Mr Rossiter added, “I was impressed with the boys' positivity and determination to complete the ride. One particular highlight for me was when Charlie and I spotted another cyclist ahead of us on the road and decided to sprint to try to catch them before we realised we were sprinting up hill! This event took a considerable amount of planning and it was so good to see all the preparation come to pass. Hopefully it will inspire both boys to keep riding in the future.”

Charlie and Max said, “Thank you for the donations received so far on our JustGiving page and for the support we have received.”

The cycling duo have exceeded their original target and raised over £700 for Cancer Research. If you would like to donate please use the link below.

Well done boys!