For all those lovers of twinkly lights, glitter, sparkle and confetti cannons, we were delighted to welcome back no, not Strictly Come Dancing but Warminster School's A Cabaret at the end of last term. Led by the inimitable Caroline Robinson, lover of all things musical and sparkly!

After a two year absence there was a sigh of relief when we actually made it to the night itself and settled into a showcase of musical delights. The excitement of being back was palpable as we were taken through an evening of solos, duets, drumming delights and chairs used as instruments. It was so good to be back!  What was evident to see was the enthusiasm and joy for everyone involved. 

But these things don’t happen without a huge team effort, so drum roll for all those involved (on a chair of course):

Caroline and the Music Department. Goodbye and Goodluck to Lord Gaz. The Catering Department for feeding us so well. The Sports Department for the use of their sports hall. Maintenance for everything they do. The WSPA for their enthusiastic, cheerful running of the bar! Jon Edkins at David Wiltshire for the amazing photographs and Yellow Balloon films for the memories captured in such a wonderful film. Not forgetting all the performers, including some Old Verlucians and our wonderful backstage team.  

We cannot wait until March 2023!

Please watch our fabulous highlights film here

Photographs from David Wiltshire Photography here