Boni Boys enjoy the run up to Chinese New Year with corridors decked in red lanterns.

One of the many benefits of a multi-cultural boarding environment is sharing and celebrating with our pupils their significant days and events from their home country.  Long after the New Year’s Eve debris has been swept away here in the UK, it’s always uplifting to look to Chinese New Year to bring a vibrant splash of red to cheer our January souls!

Boniface House has joined in the festivities with corridors decked in red lanterns and a celebratory meal at one of our popular local restaurants here in Warminster, The Great Wall.  As Justin, one of our pupils explains, “In my home town of Ningbo, we would eat a special bread called ‘shibington’.  A special meal and the food itself is important, much like here in the UK.”  His fellow pupil Rayn continues, “I will miss the red envelopes – they always contain much anticipated money!  It’s a tradition to hand out money in red envelopes – but it’s not just the money, but the symbol of luck that they represent too.”

Happy New Year to all our pupils and enjoy the festivities.  May your year be filled with abundance of smiles and laughter!

Boniface House