The children in Pre-Prep had a wonderful treat when they met Jason from Falconry UK and the amazing birds he brought with him. The visit was planned to complement and extend learning as part of our 'If you go down to the woods today'  topic. However, Reception Class soon discovered that the massive eagle owl, Liberty, wasn’t quite as cute and cuddly looking as the owls in their Owl Babies display in the classroom!

The children learnt a great deal from Jason about the features, food and feeding habits of the birds, which included a stunningly attractive blue winged kookaburra, a cute pygmy falcon called Rocco and a large black raven called Branwen who is soon to star in Game of Thrones.

The children all had the opportunity to hold one of the birds if they wished and Noah Whitehead in the first group and Mia Jones in the second group each impressed Jason so much with their knowledgeable answers, that they were given the honour of holding Liberty, the aforementioned eagle owl. 

At the end of the visit it was very pleasing to hear how impressed Jason was with our youngest pupils, both in terms of their behaviour and their engagement with the activity.

Gill Cross, Head of Pre-Prep