Over 35 OVs joined us to catch up with each other beneath the Shard.

A fantastic new venue, Jamie’s wine bar close to the iconic Shard, was definitely a feature of this year’s annual Old Verlucian drinks. Over 35 OVs joined us to catch up with each other, in what was the start of the festivities and the hospitality of the wonderful staff at Jamie's certainly helped to make the evening even more enjoyable.

Although this was mainly an event for young OVs, with regulars like the Haines brothers, Zoe Symes, Andrew Langford and John Ng in attendance, we were delighted to welcome OVs from different generations. It was a pleasure to see the varied and successful career pathways that young OVs are taking in and around London.

Peter Hastrop (OV67) aged almost 70 said in an email afterwards that he had had a blast! He was the orchestrator of a wonderful photograph with 4 generations of OVs.

Rob Ridley, (OV96), waxed lyrical about hockey at the School when he was here, how inclusive it was, and what a wonderful mentor Graeme McQueen had been. He also praised the support of the School during the ‘90/91 Gulf War. As a Royal Air Force child with a parent involved, and a boarder, he felt much looked after by the School which was hugely important to him and other military children at the time.

Christian Mogele (OV07) a regular at London Drinks met some new friends and reunited with some old ones.

Juliana Suess (OV13) and Rob Ridley were absolutely delighted and amazed to find that although there is 10 years between them their experiences and memories of their time at Warminster was almost identical. Community, nurturing and caring, a place where you make friend for life.

We were lucky enough to have the three Haines boys Alex and George (OV11) and Josh (OV17), hopefully we will see the three of them on the hockey pitch in March on the new astro followed by dinner afterwards.

There were many new faces at this event which is an indication of the growing strength of the Old Verlucian revival at Warminster. We look forward to the next reunion in Bath on the 1st March and hope to see OVs old and new in 2019.

Happy Christmas from the Development and Alumni Department.

Stella Aldridge and Graeme McQueen

          Forthcoming OV Events

  • Friday 1st March 6:30 – 8:30pm (The Escape at The Abbey Hotel, Bath)
  • Saturday 11th May – Macdonald Boys Lunch
  • Saturday 23rd March – OV Netball and Hockey matches and dinner
  • Saturday 8th June – OV Black Tie Dinner, Thomas Arnold hall

Please RSVP [email protected] to attend the above events