After performing as 'Daddy Bear' at the mid Somerset Festival in March, Barnaby Craven-Smith (Year 5) took the words of the judge quite literally and decided he should sing!

Mrs Harris prepared him for an audition at Bath Abbey a few weeks later where he sang Alleluia  and the Choirmaster invited him to join as a probationer. Choristers have to prove themselves with attitude, ability and reliability. The choirmaster felt he had enough of all three and Barnaby received his surplice in October.  It is quite normal to have to wait a year, but Barnaby received the honour after only six months and is now a Bath Abbey chorister.

Bath Abbey Choir comprises three groups – boys (8 years and upwards), girls (11 to 18 years) and men. The Abbey does not have a Choir school, which means they are able to select boys and girls from a wide range of local schools which bring together some of the most gifted young voices from in and around Bath. Being a Bath Abbey Chorister is a fantastic experience, as not only does it provide an excellent musical education and great discipline, it is also extremely rewarding, thanks to a mixture of camaraderie, a shared passion for music, and pure enjoyment.

It's a big commitment for all the choristers and their families, they rehearse twice a week for one and a half hours and have services every Sunday. Either two in the morning or one in the afternoon. On top of weekly services, they also perform for special services and extra concerts. In November, Barnaby was part of the choir that sang for the Archbishop of Canterbury, a real privilege.

Last weekend as part of the Abbey's build up for Christmas, Barnaby performed a solo of Silent Night  in front of an audience of 1,000 people. In the evening he was also part of the choir that performed a brand new carol. After a long day at the Abbey on Saturday from 2.30 until 9.15, Barnaby was back in for the morning services, rehearsal at 8.30, services at 9.30 and 11.15. 

Congratulations Barnaby from all at Warminster!