CCF Fieldcraft Weekend 9 – 10 June 2018

“An army marches on its stomach” and judging by the quantity of sweets stuffed into webbing pouches and pockets, this was certainly true for our cadets during the recent CCF Fieldcraft weekend.

For many cadets, it was their first experience of firing blank ammunition. Cadets were taught how to safely use weapons, with many of them giving up lunchtimes to do extra practice. To make cadets aware of the importance of being safe when using weapons, there was a demonstration showing the effects of firing a blank round into an apple. There was plenty of opportunity to fire blank ammunition. Cadets carried out an ambush, worked together in pairs to attack a position and as elite soldiers trapped in enemy territory, they shot enemies – wooden targets – hiding in the woods. The enemy did not stand a chance!

It was a pleasure to see cadets working together, pushing themselves and having fun. Danny and Jon, our senior cadets, have invested considerable sums of money in their own military clothing and equipment. They proudly showed it to junior cadets, who were suitably impressed. Jack Gaskin, Tommy Park and Matthew Hodgson had the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills and had a firm and approachable manner. Ones to watch for the future!

Ange Garner, CCF Contingent Commander