We are delighted and excited to announce our Courtyard Nursery is GROWING in more ways than one!

From September 2020, following refurbishment, our popular, warm and friendly Courtyard Nursery will be providing excellent extended care for our pride of Courtyard Cubs. For 2-4 year olds, up to 50 weeks a year from 7:30am in the morning, to 6:00pm in the evening.

Deborah Muir, a well-known local Early Years specialist, will be at the helm; a safe pair of hands to manage and oversee the launch of our extension of care.  Deborah, Head of Pre-Prep, has been with Warminster since September 2019, and with a teaching career spanning almost 25 years, she brings a wealth of experience to this stimulating and busy role, as well as bags of energy to keep up with our merry band of toddlers!

“I feel privileged to be entrusted with such a key position here at Warminster and look forward to our new and exciting chapter at the Courtyard Nursery, where we can continue to provide an excellent Early Years facility for our busy, hardworking families”.  

Mrs Muir’s genuine passion and natural affinity with the nursery and Early Years environment is clear: 

“Families are looking for a warm, fun and caring environment for their youngsters. For our busy parents, I know how imperative it is that drop off and pick-up times are office friendly – I remember myself the stress of a last-minute meeting and worrying about getting to pick-up on time. Here at Warminster, parents have reassurance that wrap-around care is available.  Our parents also welcome that their child has enjoyed a tasty hot lunch. It’s all the seemingly ‘little’ things, which in reality are ‘big’ things, that I believe we do so well here, especially when it comes to supporting our children and their busy families.”

As in all areas of the School, our committed teaching staff in the Courtyard Nursery are always on hand to assist our children make the most of their time and to create happy memories. Deborah continues:

“Whether it’s in the playground, jumping in puddles, exploring Forest School, picking up a musical instrument or singing a nursery rhyme with friends, we focus strongly on social skills, learning to play, kindness, sharing, making friends and so on – knowing these are the building blocks of their school life and beyond. We look forward to welcoming new children and families to become part of our happy school community in September.”

Mr Titley, Head of Prep, shares the same enthusiasm about his growing nursery “We are very excited about the changes ahead at Warminster and look forward to working with current and new parents over the years to come.”

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