FEES 2018-2019

Fees are charged as an annual payment for an academic year’s course. For ease of payment, they are divided into three tranches paid termly in advance.

(please note all fees are displayed per term, and are 1/3 of the annual fees)

Prep School
Form / Year
Day Boarding
Courtyard Nursery Variable (tba) n/a
Reception £2,550 n/a
Years 1 and 2 £2,755 n/a
Year 3 £3,255 £7,205
Year 4 £3,630 £7,205
Years 5 and 6 £4,080 £7,205
Senior School
Form / Year
Day Boarding
Years 7 to 11 £5,110 £10,195
Accelerated GCSE programme (1 year) £5,110 £10,880
6th Form A Level £5,110 £10,195
6th Form International Baccalaureate £5,110 £10,880

a) Monthly fees can be arranged through School Fee Plan.

b) There is a reduction in fees of 5% for younger children in the same family

c) Flexible boarding (as available): £49 per night

d) Pupil Personal Accident Insurance up to £1M included in the fees

e) Denplan for Schools (pupils) up to £10,000 included in fees


  1. A deposit/guarantee fee is payable on acceptance of a place.
  2. The amount of the deposit/guarantee fee will be advised when an offer of a place is made.
    • Deposit/Guarantee fees are not refundable if an accepted place is not subsequently taken up.
    • The Deposit/Guarantee fee will be returned when the pupil leaves the School, less any extras incurred during the final term.


  • GCSE, International Baccalaureate, A-level, music and other external examination entry fees.
  • Pupil Organisers, Art & DT materials and revision workbooks.
  • Optional extras: these items are charged in arrears:
    • Music lessons - £215 per term for individual lessons (10 per term); £115 per term for shared lessons. Please note that no part of the fees can be refunded for missed lessons.
    • School musical instruments - hire charge is £35 per term
    • Warminster School Parents' Association (WSPA) - £10 per term (optional)


a) All Learning Support lessons are 1 hour long and charged at £40 per hour for individual lessons and £25 per hour for larger group lessons.

b) If a Learning Support Assessment is required, there will be a charge of £125.

c) The School cannot guarantee the provision of more than five lessons of one-to-one support per fortnight. It will depend annually on the number of pupils requiring learning support (and the amount required) and the consequent capacity of the LS Department. Each request for this level of one-to-one support will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


All lessons are 1 hour long.

One lesson per 2 weeks £230 per term
Two lessons per 2 weeks £410 per term
Three lessons per 2 weeks £560 per term
Four lessons per 2 weeks £715 per term
Five lessons per 2 weeks £840 per term
Over 5 lessons per 2 weeks £970 per term


  • Insurance of Personal Effects £10 per term (optional) 
  • Outings