Scholarships at Warminster School are awarded to recognise and acknowledge outstanding ability, attitude, leadership and potential. We offer a number of scholarships:

  • Academic
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Sport
  • STEM
  • Warminster Scholarship
  • Headmaster’s Scholarship

Academic scholarship interviews and assessments are by invitation only.

Scholarship and Assessment Day is always an exciting day for our Admissions Team and teaching staff, meeting talented young ambitious people at the beginning of their journey with us. Our scholarship programme is tailored to recognise hard work, talent, potential and a zest for learning.

The Warminster Scholarship recognises we are a school that focuses on a broad and holistic education. We celebrate and encourage pupils who push themselves in different directions and try new things. This ‘all-rounder’ scholarship clearly links to our ethos and approach, where we value what happens outside the classroom as much as what happens inside it. This is to recognise pupils with a broad range of talents. Pupils should select one major and one minor subject from the above list.

In addition to the scholarship awards offered, each scholar cohort will be considered for a Headmaster’s Scholarship. Following assessments and meeting each pupil, Mr Williams personally selects those who not only show outstanding ability, but who also align with our school values and virtues and show promise.

*Parents of Year 6 pupils at Warminster Prep, who wish their child to be considered for a scholarship should discuss this initially with the Head of Prep to seek guidance.

Candidates may apply for a maximum of two scholarships.

Scholarships are offered to pupils at entry into:

Year 7 (11+)      

Year 9 (13+) 

Year 12 (16+)

A pupil joining the School outside the standard entry points of Year 7, Year 9 or Year 12 may, in certain circumstances, be considered for a scholarship. The decision is at the discretion of the Headmaster and should initially be discussed with the Admissions Team.

Scholarships are awarded annually by the Headmaster and children will be assessed through tests, exams or observation. They may also be interviewed and references from their current school will be required. Candidates for scholarship must be recommended by their current headteacher.

On rare occasions, a scholarship may be awarded to a pupil already at the School (usually as he or she moves into the Sixth Form) for outstanding levels of performance and only on the recommendation of the respective Head of Department.

Scholars are expected to maintain their commitment to the particular area of scholarship and to be a role model and ambassador for it at all times. While it is usually the case that a scholarship will be held throughout that pupil’s time at the School, all awards are subject to an annual review by the respective head of department (or Deputy Head (Academic) for academic scholars).

The annual review covers issues such as attitude, commitment and participation and is designed to check that reasonable progress is being maintained in those areas of school life which are relevant.  Retaining a scholarship is subject to the Headmaster’s approval and in some cases will depend on the pupil studying that subject at GCSE or A level.

All scholarship assessments take place at Warminster and are conducted by the relevant Head of Department. Scholarship assessment criteria in each specialism may be downloaded below.

Scholarships carry a maximum fee remission of 10% awarded for the duration of the pupil’s time at the School. 

Deadline for applications is mid-October before half term and Scholarship Day takes place in January. 

2025 Dates HERE

*All awards are subject to an annual review