Here at Warminster we are proud of our tradition of offering means-tested bursaries to children who would thrive and make a significant contribution to the our community.

The funds that underpin this tradition are limited, but in some cases the School is able to offer financial support, up to a maximum of a 40% reduction in fees, a figure which is reviewed annually by the Bursar and the Governors’ Finance Committee.


Should you wish to find out more or apply for a bursary you are encouraged to contact our Bursar, Katie: [email protected] or 01985 210105.

The Financial Circumstances form and the School’s means-tested Bursary Policy can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Your son or daughter will still have the possibility to apply for a scholarship, but the financial value of the scholarship (if there is one) may well be subsumed within the bursary offer.

As well as financial need, the criteria for a bursary will be the same as for all other admissions:

  • That the prospective pupil meets the academic requirements for the relevant year of entry
  • That the Headmaster, having interviewed the boy or girl, believes that he or she will make a positive and significant contribution to the school community

1707 Bursary Fund

Our long-term aim is to raise enough money to be able to offer up to 100% fee-support to children from low-income families. This will take many years, but it is absolutely the right aspiration to have. We believe that independent schools have a responsibility to promote and support social mobility and to help bridge the social divide. It is undoubtedly in the interest of all of us to do this, not just from a moral, political and social perspective, but also from a business and national perspective. Should you wish to donate to the 1707 Bursary Fund or learn more, please contact the Bursar.