“The pastoral care offered by the School is second to none.  It is a community which embraces the child and family whether military or civilian and this is why we wholeheartedly believe we made the right choice for our son.” Brig J Sharp

We are proud to be a sought after school with military families who seek continuity of education for their children despite what can be an itinerant lifestyle as they follow the flag.

We recognise military life can cause stress and upheaval leading to a fragmented education however, we are perfectly equipped to mitigate this. With our in-depth knowledge of the military family and extensive experience of supporting through our exceptional pastoral care, Warminster is the ideal choice for military families whether posted in the UK or overseas.  Add to this our Quiet Weekends (no formal exeat weekends!) generous forces and sibling discounts, Warminster delivers on all fronts.

With a large number of our staff, and indeed, most of our Admissions Team, having a military connection – we are able to share this knowledge and bring our expertise to the fore. Our swift, online admissions process means we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to overnight changes in circumstances. So, whether you are undertaking long term planning for your children or you are faced with an urgent decision as a result of an unexpected assignment, please do get in touch with our Admissions Team who will be delighted to support and advise.

Choosing a school is not simple at the best of times. There are many things to consider and the needs of each family is understandably different. For those in the Forces there are additional complications, not least the uncertainty of where (in the world) you will be living whilst your children are at school. This changes regularly and often at short notice.  For many it is why boarding offers a degree of stability during the years of education.  An essential ingredient is the pastoral care that a school provides. It gives reassurance to the parents that their loved ones are being fully supported in a safe environment. Warminster School delivers this in spades.” Lt Col S Bull (Retired).

Thank you to our families for providing such wonderful testimonials about our community. Please read about their experiences below.