Candidates entering Year 9 may be through Common Entrance examinations which are arranged and taken at the candidate’s current prep school. Our baseline will be an average of 50% across subjects.

We can also offer a place using the alternative route of the ISEB’s Common Pre-Test that comprises verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and Mathematics. The Common Pre-Tests are age-standardised tests used to assess pupils' attainment and potential when they are in Year 6 or Year 7, prior to entry to senior schools. The tests are taken online, usually in the child's current school, and include multiple-choice tests in Mathematics, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. These tests do not require special preparation. Based on the results of this test we would offer a confirmed place for Year 9 in the Summer Term of Year 7.

Alternatively, candidates at schools that do not prepare for Common Entrance will take Warminster’s own tests in Literacy, Numeracy and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

However, every prospective pupil will also be interviewed by the Headmaster.

Scholarships are available for pupils joining Year 9 and information is available here.