The MFL department has seen another action-filled last few weeks before the end of term:

On Monday 6 of March, at Prep, pupils from Year 2 to Year 7 performed two stories, a song and a poem for our first French assembly completely “en français”. They demonstrated their linguistic skills as the introductions, the prayer and birthday song at the end were all in French. It was a joint effort as older pupils taught and helped younger ones. Performances included the story of “Le petit éléphant”  with perfect pronunciation, gestures and facial expressions by Year 5 and 7, the song “La marche des chapeaux”,  a song about wearing different hats for different occasions by Years 2 and 4, as well as “Le navet énorme”  by Year 3 and a French poem about a crocodile and an elephant by a duo of Year 6 pupils.

Madame Mortimer, who organised the French assembly, said: “This was a great opportunity to celebrate the French language and to show what our pupils have learnt. The opportunity to learn some French should never be missed!”

The two Year 6 pupils used the French assembly as their dress rehearsal for a joint project (Senior and Prep) : the annual Lower School Poetry Competition. Pupils from Years 6, 7 and 8 prepared a French or Spanish poem and, in groups, pairs or alone, presented it to their classmates. Each set sent their three best performers to the final in which a winner and two runners up for each year group were elected. All involved put a lot of effort in and it was incredibly difficult for the judges to choose the class winners.

The winners this year were:

Year 6 and 7 French


William Doyle-Davidson

Runners up:          

Evie Kennett, Tia Smye

Year 8 French


Ellie Harris and India Morgan-Nash  

Runners up:           

Rudy Stretton-Cox, James Shipp, Brahnan Naidoo

Year 8 Spanish


Megan Galpin

Runners up:         

Harry Cole, Issie Morris, Conchita Newman

And the events haven’t stopped in the last week of term, either. We welcomed back the Onatti Theatre Company to put on another fantastic French production for our pupils in Years 7-11. This time the two energetic actors entertained us with 'Le café' – a hilarious play about the challenges faced by a young waitress in a Parisian Café. As always, there was lots of audience participation and it was wonderful to see so many of our pupils eager to get involved. Sky and Harry were the first brave ones to take part and Ellie did a fantastic job of hiding the key from the intruder! As our French partners from Cognac were also in the audience, they got to join in the fun too. 

We look forward to welcoming the Onatti Theatre Company back next year to see what wonderful plays they have on offer in various languages. 

And finally, the MFL term was concluded by Miss Mugridge taking 6 MFL pupils from Years 9, 10 and 12 to the Royal High School in Bath to participate in an MFL Speaking Competition. The pupils, Milly Morgan, Lauren Melia, Charles Broilliard, Alfie Dackombe, Thomas Wojtowicz and Abbie Cadwallander, gave a short speech in their chosen language. Thomas Wojtowicz and Charles Broilliard presented in the “near-native speakers” category while the others pupils were in the “non-native speakers” group. We are very proud that Milly Morgan won the runner up prize for Key Stage 3. It was a very enjoyable day for everyone and it gave pupils the chance to prove how fluent and creative they are in various languages.

Mrs Rogers, Head of MFL, commented on all these activities: “It has been so wonderful to see everyone getting so involved with the different languages again this term. The pupils in the different year groups worked so well together for the fantastic French assembly at the Prep School – they learnt so much from each other! I was impressed with the talent on display at the Poetry Competitions too. I hope our pupils get the opportunity to practise their language skills over the holidays – whether through authentic resources at home or visits to foreign destinations – we clearly have some talented and enthusiastic linguists here at Warminster School.”

Barbara Mitterrutzner, Teacher of German and EAL