Speech Day 2023: A Memorable Farewell 

Underneath the warm sun, our school came alive on Speech Day 2023. Open classrooms showcased impressive projects and artwork, while speeches and prizes filled the air with excitement. With lighthearted emotions, we celebrated and bid farewell to our Upper Sixth pupils.

The day began with a service in the Minister Church where the whole school gathered including the parents of leaving pupils. The service was a mix of emotions and smiles with readings shared, hymns sung and performances from our musical ensembles. Bravo to those who had managed to keep their emotions together at this point, but as the service ended with leavers leading the procession out of church, followed by the rest of the School, tears began to flow. This was the final straw for most as we proudly stood and watched the amazing young adults leave for the last time, some of them having been pupils at Warminster School since reception class. They were greeted outside the church by the Town Crier, Rick Johnstone, and this provided some much needed smiles all round.

After the service, parents were able to explore open classrooms, marveling at the creativity and hard work displayed. From scientific experiments to captivating artworks, each project reflected the growth and talent of our pupils. Later, speeches and prizes took centre stage. The Chair of Governors, Beverley Sunderland, reflected on her time at Warminster as a pupil, and her journey to becoming Chair of Governors. The Head acknowledged the resilience and dedication of the outgoing Upper Sixth, assuring them of their preparedness for the future. Our guest speaker, John Baddeley (OV 51), shared comical anecdotes, igniting a sense of endless possibilities and warmth in the hearts of the pupils. You couldn’t escape the sense of community felt by all who attended.

Cheers and applause erupted as prizes were awarded for outstanding achievements in academics, sports, arts, and community. Proud parents, teachers, and fellow pupils embraced the celebration of their accomplishments. Amidst tearful farewells, heartfelt speeches were delivered by the outgoing Head Boy and Head Girl.  They expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of teachers, friends, and families. Laughter and tears filled the room as memories were shared, and aspirations for the future were kindled.

With speeches concluded, it was time for a scrumptious lunch, prepared by our culinary team. Amidst laughter and conversation; pupils, teachers, and parents enjoyed a chance to reflect on their Warminster journey and what may lay ahead whilst the String Quartet entertained guests with a wide range of light music.

Speech Day 2023 will be remembered for many things including its warmth, the celebration of our school community and the amazing giant deck chair that sat on Boni Lawn. Applause must also go to our Music Department, which added so much to the enjoyment of Speech Day. From Warminster Singers, the Flute Group to the Big Band and a favourite of so many, Close Harmony, singing Billy Joel’s, For the Longest Time. During the day, on show there were two choirs, four musical ensembles and well rehearsed musicians involved in every section. Huge congratulations to all involved!

As they embark on their new adventures, our outgoing Year 13 carry with them the friendships, memories, and lessons that will shape their futures. We can’t wait to hear what they achieve and to welcome them back as OVs!

Laura Gibson, Head of Development & Alumni Relations

Speech Day Photographs