“An opportunity to bond, have a great night and to make new friends”

Last Friday, we held our first Sixth Form social of the year. To coincide with the cold snap in the weather we chose a Caribbean theme!  Much to everyone’s amusement as pupils and boarders streamed across Boniface Lawn brightly dressed in colourful shirts and shorts, they were met by a snow machine and the cast from this year’s Warminster Christmas video (shhhhh – TOP SECRET) who were busy filming, layered in festive scarves and hats.

Our 'Caribbean Caper' was a fantastic opportunity for Lower and Upper Sixth to relax all together as well as consume 144 slices of pizza (not each), enjoy amazing vibes and dance the night away under the guidance of a top DJ –  'DJ Chija Kaunda'.

Our guests for the evening were visiting pupils from France, here with the World in Wiltshire group.  They certainly tasted the full extent of school life here at Warminster and we feel sure they enjoyed the night as much as we did! 

Thank you to our amazing Sixth Form tutor team, led by Dr Horler-Underwood (who was wearing a Christmas hat… apparently all will be revealed later) and Mrs Nurdin, who put up with the loud music and made sure it was another great night for us all.

Lucie Brinker, Head Girl