Last weekend we celebrated the merger between Lord Weymouth’s School and St Monica’s School which took place 50 years ago. The day started with afternoon tea in St Boniface Hall. Laughter and conversation filled the air as alumni, parents, staff, and friends gathered to mark this historic occasion. The atmosphere was charged with nostalgia and a wonderful sense of community.

For those who wished to revisit the past, school tours around the grounds provoked memories from years gone by. It was a joy to see old friends reconnect and explore how our school has evolved over the years.

A special moment awaited the girls from St. Monica’s, as they enjoyed their own special cake, a photograph and a toast to celebrate their part in our school’s history. It was a heartfelt reunion that left everyone with cherished memories to carry forward.

The archives exhibition and the unveiling of our new archives room was a highlight for most. Sports day programmes from 1912, photos of sporting teams throughout the years, the Schools daytime programme for armistice day, entrance forms from 1896 plus lots more were on display. The recently opened archives room, which houses our World War 2 Pinocchio paintings painted directly onto the walls, displayed old uniform, whole school photos and more of our school’s history, which will now stay on display throughout the year.

We gathered for a short service of thanks led by our school Chaplin David Prescott. He based the order of service on one from 1973, just after the merger, and we sang hymns and reflected together in the beautiful St Boniface Chapel.

The festivities continued into the evening with our Black-Tie Gala Dinner. The evening began with a drinks reception, providing a chance for alumni, parents, staff, and guests to connect and share stories.

We were honoured to welcome Aurea Jones nee Green, daughter of previous Head Ian Green who was the Headmaster during the merger, share her memories of that transformative period in our school’s history. Her insights into the merger and her father’s role in it provided a unique perspective on the evolution of Warminster School.

OV Sara Symington joined us, sharing her incredible journey from Warminster to becoming an Olympian. Her story served as a testament to her dedication, passion, and resilience. Finally, Olympic gold medallist Alex Danson took us on an emotional rollercoaster as she recounted the highs and lows of the run-up to the Olympics, winning gold and life beyond.

The stories shared, the friendships rekindled, and the inspiration drawn from our guest speakers were an inspiration for our whole school community. Here’s to many more years of shared memories, milestones, and celebrations to honour our schools history.

Please watch the highlights from a memorable weekend > 5o Year Celebration Highlights

All images can be found on Flickr, courtesy of Jon Edkins.

Laura Gibson, Head of Development & Alumni