1st dan for Fred

1st dan for Fred

Starting Tae Kwon Do in 2010, Fred Leary (Year 10) may not have imagined that in five short years he would not only rise quickly through the coloured belt grading system in the martial arts discipline but would also become a 1st dan black belt while still a Year 10 pupil!

Since his first lessons in Year 6, Fred has gained all nine colour belt gradings, passing each one at the first attempt. He joined the Warminster Tae Kwon Do Club in 2011 and now trains with instructor Mr Richard Latham. Fred attends Tae Kwon Do training twice a week in Warminster and in Westbury, fitting this around his academic studies, and has been dedicated in his preparations for the area grading event.

Recently, Fred travelled to the Tae Kwon Do Academy in Bristol to take part in the grading assessments  Judged by Grandmaster David Oliver, 9th dan, Fred successfully achieved his 1st dan black belt at his first attempt. He is now entitled to be called “Mr Leary” at the Tae Kwon Do club training and events! In qualifying, Fred had to undertake a sequence of thirty moves, demonstrate both offensive and defensive skills (punches, kicks and blocks) and sparring with partners as well as answering theory questions regarding Korean terms for the discipline. In addition, Fred had to submit a 500 word essay on his reasons for wanting to become a black belt.

Many congratulations to Fred, who is now planning to take his 2nd dan black belt in two years' time (the minimum time allowed) and we look forward to hearing more about Fred and his Tae Kwon Do in the future.

Mrs Catherine Wilson