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bullet Boarders' Outing to Bath Rugby


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St Boniface House

ST BONIFACE owes its inception, in 1860, to the then energetic Vicar of Warminster, the Reverend James Erasmus Phillips MA. For the first eleven years, it was known as The Warminster Mission House. The name was changed to St Boniface as a result of a leaden seal being dug up in a Warminster garden bearing the name of Pope Boniface IX.

In 1866, the Rev Phillips stated that the seven common faults amongst the students were: Grumbling - Temper - Thoughtlessness - Selfishness - Over Anxiety - Indolence - Self-will.

Throughout its existence as a Theological College, St Boniface prepared many missionaries for their future work in all parts of the world. It is now fitting that, since it became part of Warminster School in 1969 as a Senior boys' boarding house, the role is reversed with many overseas students coming here to study.

It had a reputation of being a caring place with mutual respect and trust between its occupants. It is our aim to develop this respect and maturity so that our pupils can be well prepared for their future. In 1943, J W Tomlin, former Principal of the College, wrote of St Boniface that, even if it should be called upon to fulfill a slightly different role in the future, it may well be that "the latter glory of the house shall be greater than the former".

‘That is our challenge’

The St Boniface House Handbook

[ Download/View Boarding_House_Handbook.pdf ]

House Staff

Housemaster Mr J Bonnell
Resident Assistant Housestaff Mr H Serle
Mr J Steadman
Matron Mrs J Porteous
Head of House Sebastiano Gericke
Deputy Head of House

Jasper Webb

Konstantin Wuenscher

Members of the Teaching Staff are on duty in the House in the evenings and at weekends.

My wife and I, with our Matron, Jan Porteous have run the boarding house for over ten years. In that time we have improved the facilities within the House whilst not losing sight of the most important aspect of the House, the boys and their pastoral care and development. We hope to guide the boys in our care in such a way that they come out as well rounded, personally confident and competent young men who can move forward into the world, be it to academic institutions, or the world of work.

Jonathan Bonnell

Tel: 01985-210137Fax: 01985-210167


St Boniface Boarding House End of Term Letter

Dear Parents,

How I would like to write and say what a quiet and uneventful term this has been, but I do not think I would quite be telling the truth. The boys returned straight into the maelstrom of Mock exams, Modules and resit Modules, so it was business as usual from the start. At least it meant that we had a couple of weeks of clearly focused minds, with the occasional moment of panic during the first two weeks of term.
Boarding Community Outing to Bath Rugby

On Monday 5th November boys from St Boniface, St Denys and the Old Vic boarding houses set out to the Recreation playing ground in Bath to see Bath United take on the Harlequins A side.


Boarding Community Halloween Disco

On the 31 st October, St Boniface Hall was transformed by skulls, cobwebs and skeletons as the borders of Warminster School were treated to a spooktacular Disco.


Warminster Boarders' Community Talent Show

On Sunday, 7th October at 8.00pm in Boniface Hall the first of what we hope will be a number of inter-house competitions took place. This event was a Talent Show, organised solely by the prefects.


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