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Counselling at Warminster School

The School offers a professional, free and totally confidential counselling service to all members of the school community, both staff and students.

Helen Booth is our Counsellor. As well as being a psychology graduate, qualified teacher with experience in the public, private and specialist school sectors she is a fully trained and qualified counsellor and member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists). She has a post-graduate qualification for counselling children and adolescents.

Why might you come to see the school counsellor?

Perhaps there is something troubling you that you feel that you would prefer to discuss with someone you do not meet day to day in school.

It does not have to be a big problem - anything that is bothering you enough to make you anxious or unhappy may well be helped by coming to talk about it. Don’t worry that it may not seem important enough.

How to arrange an appointment?

You can request a confidential appointment by going through a member of staff, your teacher, tutor or house staff who will contact Mrs Wilcox to arrange a time. You do not have to say what the problem is but just that you would like to see the counsellor

You may of course not want anyone to know that you wish to see the counsellor, in which case you can email direct on


It is important that you understand that whatever you say remains confidential. The only exceptions to this are if it was felt you were in danger of seriously harming yourself or others, or unless you agree that it would be helpful to involve someone else.


The school recognises the need to provide access to a counselling service for our students.

Unless initially referred on by another mental health practitioner, the school will provide access to the counsellor for any pupil for an initial period of up to six sessions.

Following review, the school will be guided by the counsellor’s professional judgement regarding the need for further counselling sessions for an individual pupil.

At this point, parents will be consulted if appropriate and further counselling will be provided and the cost of any future counselling sessions would be chargeable to the school bill. Counselling at parents’ request can also be made available – provided the pupil wishes to receive counselling – and the cost of this is to be recharged on the end-of-term bill.

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