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Aims and Principles

Warminster School has always been both a day and boarding School, and it takes great pride in its boarding community.

The aim of the School with regard to boarding is to help each individual pupil to develop into a balanced, mature, courteous and well rounded individual who will take his/her place in and contribute to society when he/she leaves School. The School acknowledges that boarding is not necessarily right for every pupil, but that, in the majority of cases, boarding will be a positive experience for pupils. The School believes that boarding can assist in a positive way the development of pupils.

The School believes that boarding can offer individual pupils many valuable opportunities and experiences –

  • Friendship
  • Independence
  • Living and working with their peers, older and younger pupils
  • Teamwork
  • A stable and secure environment
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Extra curricular opportunities
  • Self discipline
  • Preparation for life at university and in the adult world
  • Academic support outside the classroom

The School believes that the success of boarding for each individual pupil is the result of teamwork between the parents, the pupil and the House Staff. Thus all of the Housemasters/mistresses have frequent contact with parents over many issues, not just to inform parents that their son/daughter is in trouble.


The School believes that all pupils are entitled to –

  • Respect for their person and their property
  • Consideration by others
  • Clear guidance on behaviour both in and outside the Boarding House
  • A life carefully balanced between work, leisure and physical activity
  • Honesty
  • Courtesy
  • That their rights will be upheld according to The Childrens’ Act, the Human Rights Act and the National Boarding Standards
  • The opening statement of the School rules is –‘School rules are designed to reflect common sense and common courtesy; to avoid inconvenience to others, to ensure common safety and to foster a communal sense of pride. Pupils should at all times behave in a responsible manner, showing courtesy, consideration and respect for other people and their property, and for the fabric and environment of the School.’


The Boarding Policy is monitored by the Head of pastoral care through discussions with the key post holders (particularly the Housemaster or Housemistress) and with students, in addition to visits to the boarding houses and feedback from tutors, staff and parents.

Terri Wilcox Head of Pastoral Care


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