to Warminster School

We are a boarding and day school for girls and boys aged 3 to 18, consisting of a pre-prep, prep and senior school. All children enjoy and are good at something, and a school's job is to help them find and nurture it. Similarly, the professional expertise of the teaching staff means that there is continual encouragement of academic aspiration and a love of learning.

Young people today face an unpredictable world but there are certain timeless aspects of a genuine education. At Warminster we place strong emphasis on character and values and we want our pupils to leave this School as well-rounded, well-mannered, self-confident, articulate and fundamentally decent people with a sense of duty and integrity. We also equip them with important life skills: emotional intelligence, determination, optimism and resilience.


3-4 years


4-7 years

Prep School

7-11 years

Senior School

11-16 years

Sixth Form

16-18 years